Get more buyers and sellers

with a real estate website design

Real estate website design
Professionally designed

Keep clients coming back with a great user experience and a professional look and feel.

Strategically created content

Attract ideal clients with compelling content specifically created for them.

Easily searchable on Google

Help Google index your website with a clear web structure and optimized keywords.

Win clients' hearts with a strategic real estate website design.

A real estate website that doesn’t attract clients is just an expensive business card.

Whether you want to get clients to book an appointment with you or generate leads for future promotions, you need a custom real estate website design with a web strategy to keep clients long enough to take action, and make it easy for prospects to discover your website on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

Tell a unique brand story, keep your content well organized, make sure your website look great on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. All these don’t just improve user engagement, but are also some of the key factors to help your real estate website rank high on Google.

Whether you need to make a new website or improve performance of an existing website, as a digital content strategist and web designer, I can create a professional real estate website design with a web strategy to bring traffic to your business.

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of first impressions of a website are design related

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of visitors leave a website that takes over 3 seconds to load

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of online experiences begin with a search engine

Get your real estate website discovered on Google.

A strategic real estate website design is user-friendly with great content to keep your visitors long enough to take action. It also gets your website discovered easily on Google so more clients can do business with you.

With a web strategy, you’ll have an optimized user experience and compelling content to increase client engagement, and get your real estate website ranked high on search engine result pages (SERPs) for more business opportunities.

A digital content strategist and web designer, I can make you a custom real estate website design or redesign your existing website with a web strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

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Ways to improve performance and traffic of your real estate website.

Use prominent headlines, speak the language that resonates with home buyers and sellers, research and optimize your keywords, write good image alt texts, be specific with call to action, make it easy to contact you.

Improve user experience, reduce website load time, make your webpages look great on mobile devices… and the list goes on.

From content creation to user friendliness, increasing website performance is a lot of work. But don’t worry, as a digital content strategist and web designer, I can create a web strategy along with your real estate website design to help you attract and retain ideal clients online. 

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The short answer is yes.

The major difference between having a real estate website and a business page on social media is that you don’t own the traffic on social media.

Imagine what would happen if the social media platform takes down your page without warning (which is not uncommon) – you’ll lose everything you’ve ever built including your client base!

Having your own real estate website means you’ll never lose a thing because you have the ownership of everything. You’ll always have your content, and no one can ever take away your client information because it belongs to you.

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97% of people search online to find a local business near them. If you don’t have a website, the competitors who have one will get the clients instead of you!

Making a real estate website is not as troublesome as it may seem. I can help you. Click here to book a call and we’ll talk.

A web strategy for real estate is a plan to improve engagements, conversions, and revenues of a real estate website with optimized content, layout, and funnel.

An effective web strategy aligns with business objectives. It helps you attract and retain the right clients for long term revenue growth.

If you need a web strategy along with your real estate website design to improve your online presence, click here to book a call now and I’ll talk to you soon.

I can conduct a site audit to evaluate the effectiveness of your real estate website design, and develop a web strategy with action plan to improve its layout, content, usability, accessibility, and performance.

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When you get visitors on your real estate website but they don’t take action, it’s a sign that your content and/or user experience need improvement.

Tell me your website domain. I’ll take a look and give you tips to improve.

You don’t need to be! Just tell me what you need your website to do for you, and I’ll create a proposal, a real estate website design, and a web strategy to help you grow your business online.

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I am a digital content strategist and web designer that can help you with:

  • Web strategy
  • UX design
  • Website development
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Keyword research
  • And more!

Tell me what you need for your real estate website design, and I’ll put together a web strategy and action plan for you. 

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110% recommended! Bettina is a true web strategist who is very knowledgeable about content marketing. Her aesthetic sense is also impeccable.
Bettina gave us a lot of great ideas to drive the right traffic to our website which is very helpful for the business. She is efficient and really understands our needs.
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